The all NEW Butta Pro Formula Wax. A special blend of high in hydrocarbon, low in fluorocarbon wax, environmentally and user friendly! Super hard and super slippy! Ride what our pros are! an iron on, scrape off wax. Each block is enough for around 10 standard waxes. Iron temp: (around 90-120 degrees).


A high in hydrocarbon, low in fluorocarbon wax, environmentally and user friendly! Butta Original is an iron on, scrape off wax. Each block is enough for around 10 standard waxes. Iron temperature should be set low (around 90-120 degrees).


High in hydrocarbon, low in fluorocarbon, so much better for the environment and the user. Rub it on, scrape it off. Ideal for that midweek wax job, or use at the end of the holiday as a storage wax.


The 100% environmentally friendly Butta. NO flouro-carbons! An iron on, scrape off wax. Each block is enough for around 10 standard waxes. Iron temperature should be set low (around 90-120 degrees). Butta Eco can also be used as a rub on wax.


The NEW Butta dry slope wax. Made from 100% natural wax. Iron evenly on to your base and (ideally) leave to cure overnight. No scraping! Adds an extra layer to your base, so prolonging the effects of "railing" works great on all dry slopes except dendex.


The Butta service kit. Including a block of our regular

200g wax, our new Butta brush, a small scraper, Butta branded towel and now also with 60ml of green stuff cleaner. Full detailed instructions on servicing your board or ski’s. All presented in a retro

Butta branded tin!



The Graphite service kit. Including a block of our  Graphite 200g wax, a Butta brush, a small scraper, a Butta branded towel, 60ml of green stuff cleaner and a Butta lanyard. Full detailed instructions on servicing your board or ski’s. All presented in a retro

Butta branded tin!



The all NEW Butta brush. A more environmentally friendly product than our last! A woodern brush with acrylic bristles for speedy wax polishing. With hand stenciled banksy style Butta branding to top.


High quality clear acrylic ski and snowboard scrapers with Butta branding. Available in large for snowboards or small for skis. Easily sharpened so will last a lifetime. Butta branded sticker in various colours applied to top.

Green Stuff, a Butta endorsed product. A super ECO green cleaning agent for the bottom of you board or skis. It is a mixture of specially formulated surfactants that remove dirt and grime. Available in 150ml and 1ltr. Also comes as part of our service kit.



A high quality Butta branded towel with logo tag, and eyelet for belt or apron attachment.



 It's the awesome NEW, easy to apply Graphite spray wax in a handy 150ml aerosol. All you need to do is SPRAY, WIPE AND BOOM off you go at speed. That's not all though, every time you buy a can you are directly contributing to the "British Snowsports Fund" and when we win a massive haul of medals at the PyeongChang winter Olympics you know you helped.


Anthon Bosch

Country: Sweden (living in Norway)

Date of Birth: 16/4/96

Antoine Truchon

Country: Canada

Date of Birth: 30/12/90

Becky Menday

Becky is one of the most inspirational young female snowboarders in the UK. Currently ranked 55th woman in the TTR world rankings, she is set for a great career in snowboarding!

Billy Morgan

The legend that is Billy Morgan, Currently number 2 in the world and one of the best known riders on the British Freestyle Snowboard scene today. Competing all over the world at top level and famous for being the first ever snowboarder to land a triple rodeo!

Connor Welch

Simon Cudlips partner in crime Connor Welch can be found shredding at Castleford nailing big and rails or hanging out at Little mountain trading.

Cody Hierons

Country: UK

Date of Birth: 18.08.93

Favourite Spot: mayrhofen

Gabriel Bagley

Country: Denmark, Born Venezuela

Date of Birth: 03/04/1998

Favourite Spot: Kvitfjell in Norway

James Webb

Butta Pro Rider and Butta Pro-AM team coach. 'Webbo' is one of the best known on the British Freestyle Ski scene. Competing in all disciplines James can be spotted in the Big Air, Slopestyle and Half Pipe - proving himself a good all-rounder on the slopes.

Jake Binnee

Country: UK

Date of Birth: 09/02/2000

Favourite Spot: Morzine

Josh Ainger

A guy we signed whilst out on Board test in Kaunertal due to his style and steez on some of the biggest kickers weve seen.

Julian Ball

The Legend that is Julian Ball, a good friend from our Val d'isere seasons Julian can been seen all over the world hitting up parks and pipes!

Josh Birch

Country: UK
Date of Birth: 05/06/92
Favorite Spot: Mt. Bracknell


Katie Blundell

Country: UK

Date of Birth: “always 21 years old”

Favourite Spot: America/Australia "taking time out
to have a baby, but dont worry, ill be back!!"

Kyle Ashley Woods

Country: UK

Date of Birth: 31/5/99

Favourite Spot: Breckinridge, Colorado

Lewis Sonvico

Country: UK but Living in West Coast Alps.

Date of Birth: 12/05/89

Favourite Spot: good luck finding that one!

Ludvig Billtoft

Country: Sweden

Date of Birth: 13/10/96

Nate Kern

Nate Kern, an important part of the British scene winning the British Big Air and Slopestyle competition five times he is most definitley one to watch!

Ross Welch

Country: UK

Date of Birth: 26/07/1991

Favourite Spot: NZ, Cardrona & Laax, Switzerland

Scott Penman

Famous for his double front flip at the Brits 2011 claiming him 3rd place, Scotty can be seen all over the freestyle scene not only on the slope but on the mic, at the bar and in the skate park!

Seb Kern

You'll find this guy shedding the mountain as Seb Kern or at an after party spinning the D'n'B as DJ Socom. Competing worldwide landing such tricks as switch underflip 540 stailfishes.

Simon Cudlip

Another strong UK snowboarder often found shredding Castleford with partner in crime Connor Welch. Carries his style from rails to big kickers.

Tom Coe

Country: UK

Date of Birth: 10/02/1992

Favourite Spot: Keystone, Colorado


Tom Farrow

A GB competitor in Boardercross who grew up snowboarding in the domes and dry slopes of England. He earnt his spot on the GB Team back
in 2011.

Tom Saunders

At such a young age Tom has managed to gain lots of big sponsors and compete in many comps all over the world. Tom's style carries through snow and dry slope, from skiacross to big air.

Will Smith

Can be seen regularly hitting big kickers and shredding hard in the Mayrhofen park with the rest
of the Rome team. One to look out for!

Emily Keen

Country: UK

Date of Birth: 26/12/2004

Favourite Spot: King Pine New Hampshire USA

Millie Wilkinson

Millie is one of the newest members of the Butta team, she has been on the scene for a while now and has shown great progress in her riding. With great support from her family she is definitly one to look out for as an up and coming rider.

Aaron Carpenter

Country: UK

Date of Birth: 28/09/1996

Favourite Spot: Mayrhofen pro line jumps

Tom Annis

Tom is only 7 but has been skiing since he was 3, he's a little ripper & loves tearing up the park & competing against the older lads!

Luke Kimble

Country: UK

Date of Birth: 24/05/2000

Favourite Spot: Mount Bracknell

Sam Annis

Sam has been competing at comps all over the UK & at the Brits in Tignes, he's improving every time he hits the park & we can't wait to see what the coming season brings!

Bradley Fry

Bradley is the newest member of the Butta Team. he can be seen ripping it up at lots of the comps all over the UK. Be sure to check him out!




The all new Butta graphite! The wax used by all the riders at “Air and Style” 2015! Ideal for aggressive and super cold snow temperature and perfect in

spring slush! Also making it ideal for the indoor domes. 200g of super slippy easy gliding wax! (Contains natural graphite powder, so use of a mask
is advised). Iron temperature (around 100)


Scotty Penman - Ski & Snowboard Team Manager

The man behind the Butta Ski and Snowboard Team!

Contact me for all your Ski and Snowboard Team queries

e: info@butta.co.uk


The man that makes it happen

If you think you have what it takes to become part
of the Butta team then please get in contact

Angus Leith

Country: UK Aviemore, Scotland

Date of Birth:18.5.88

Favourite Spot: Cairngorm mtn

Brad Rowell

Country: UK

Date of Birth: 17.08.2000

Favourite Spot: Whistler, Canada

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